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Tell Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
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Leadership Training

IIRON Education Fund, NFP is devoted to providing opportunities for ordinary people to build powerful public lives by clearly understanding the public world  and who are actually making decisions, and organizing both the solutions to community problems and the people power necessary to implement those solutions.

IIRON Education Fund, NFP offers regular standard training events as well as trainings that are tailor made for a variety of institutions and communities.

Five Day Residential Leadership Training is about you, and your effectiveness in the world.

It’s about how you work with others in community, how you understand your own role and how you lead others to correct injustice.  Leadership Training will challenge you to be honest about the attitudes and behaviors that comprise your strengths, as well as those that make you less effective, and less powerful, than you could be.

At Leadership Training, you will:

  • Clarify your own ambitions and goals, and make a path for their realization
  • Learn how to build a team around you
  • Understand how to analyze community problems and create solutions and a campaign that will address them effectively
  • Practice tactics that move issue campaigns forward
  • Get skills in raising money, running meetings, and building an organization

Who should attend Five Day Residential Leadership Training?

Community organizers and staff of community organizations.
Organizing is hard work, and organizers do it because we want to make a difference.  The best tool we have to make that difference is ourselves.  Leadership Training will help you uncover the self-awareness that you need to change in order to make more of a difference in the world.

Volunteer leaders of community organizations.
Volunteer leaders are the lifeblood of any community organization.  We give our time and our money in addition to working and caring for our families  Make the most of the time you give by making the most of you.  Leadership Training will help you uncover the self-awareness that you need to change in order to make more of a difference in the world.

Who Provides the Training?

Trainers for the Five Day Residential Leadership Training are experienced organizers and leaders.  They have had experience, often years of experience, in the topic they are presenting.  Our trainers have wrestled with the same questions they will be asking you.  Trainings are interactive, so that your experience and your struggles are an integral part of the process, and you will be part of a learning community of people who are investing in one another.

Cost for the training:

$600 for members of IIRON Education Fund, NFP and NPA affiliate organizations

$1,200 for non-members (there are a limited number of slots for unaffiliated organizations)

Training will be limited to 70 participants.  Paid registrations are the only way to guarantee your place in the training.  This is a residential program which requires participants to attend for the full week.

Other Trainings:

Clergy Training: IIRON Education Fund, NFP offers quarterly Clergy Training events, led by clergy and professional organizers.

Day-Long Trainings: IIRON Education Fund, NFP provides periodic day long leadership trainings on a variety of topics. The IIRON Education Fund, NFP can work with your organization to tailor a training to your needs.

Issue and Value Trainings:  IIRON Education Fund, NFP can provides trainings on a range of community issues as well as facilitating the clarification of how values shape public dialogue about the problems facing our communities.

For More Information, Contact Don Floyd at dfloyd [at]