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Create A New “Politically Possible”

IIRON is a grassroots not for profit organization devoted to social, economic and racial justice and the creation of a more democratic society.  Every day, decisions are made that affect our families , workplaces and communities. Increasingly these decisions are made by or on behalf of large corporations and their wealthy principals and serve  narrow interests and individual profit rather than the common good.  IIRON’s purpose is to provide an organizing vehicle for ordinary people to create collective power, to have their voices heard, and get their interests met. IIRON does this through a variety of activities including training and education, research and analysis, grassroots organizing, issue campaigns, and direct action.

IIRON uses a methodology in the tradition of Saul Alinsky to create a network on deep and ongoing relationships and a common language and discipline that allows people to exercise their power in collective action both democratically and efficiently, and without undue time or focus on process and procedure. IIRON brings to that methodology a global worldview that understand all people as sisters and brothers who are not enemies because of national origin or affiliation, race, ethnicity or religion, although powerful forces want to use these differences to divide us. IIRON believes there is a critical and urgent need to abandon the parochialism and isolation which divides us and limits our power by geography, single issue focus and identity politics.  We must instead create a broad movement. This movement must be inclusive of all people, must fight the domination of corporate power and money in politics to create true equity, save our democracy, the economic safety net, decent and living wage work, and our natural environment.

IIRON has an analysis and point of view. We believe that political democracy is threatened and undermined by the lack of economic democracy. We reject the notions of trickle down/supply side economics, unregulated markets, unrestrained money in the political process, and the notion that private profit justifies the exploitation of workers, consumers and the environment at home and abroad. We reject the notion that every social good should be delivered as a commodity for profit. We believe that there is a need for democratic and accountable government and that many public goods can only be justly and appropriately distributed by such government.

IIRON is devoted to the proposition that popular organizing in this time must simultaneously be grassroots with ordinary people in local communities taking direct action, while sophisticated in its understanding of how power at the national and global levels impact our local communities. Organizing must be devoted to both broad mobilization and intensive leadership development.  It must practice the art of the real, to win the victories that are possible, while simultaneously devoting itself to changing the “politically possible” as it currently exists. IIRON is convinced that this is a “movement moment” and great crisis requiring major systems change and not a time for mere incremental reform.