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Tell Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
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Issue Campaigns


While IIRON and its affiliates engage in many local issue campaigns, we are concerned about the five major crises of our times:

  1. the housing crisis (underwater mortgages, foreclosures, vacancies and blight),
  2. the jobs crisis (high and long-term unemployment, underemployment and poor wages),
  3. the budget & revenue crisis – deficits at the municipal, state and federal levels which must be solved by enhanced revenues from the rich and big corporations paying their fair share  of taxes (and not by cuts to vital social safety net programs, public education and health, or infrastructure
  4. the environmental crisis that threatens the human race and the planet earth, and
  5. a crisis of democracy in which money has come to control government instead of the citizenry.

One expression of this work is  Make Wall Street Pay,  a campaign in partnership with Make Wall Street Pay Illinois and National People’s Action that calls to account the banks who crashed the economy to fix what they broke through writing down mortgage principal and interest on underwater mortgages, lending for job creation and paying their fair share of taxes as an alternative to cuts in social security and the social safety net.

Another expression is led by our faith communities.  The Jubilee Campaign calls for re-setting our economy and its underlying values to observe the values of stewardship, justice and equal opportunity instead of individualism, materialism and greed.