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Tell Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
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Create Jobs via Public Works

Create Millions of Jobs via Public Works & Green Energy Investment

Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy have not created jobs. Instead, they’ve added to the budget deficit and created this illusion of a fiscal crisis. Our elected officials are using this crisis that they created as an excuse to call for cuts in public goods and services that most of us benefit from.

Instead of tax cuts, we need a public works jobs bill that addresses our urgent infrastructure needs and the looming disaster of climate change.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gives America’s infrastructure a “D”.  They say we need to invest about $2.2 trillion dollars to improve the safety of our roads, airports, bridges, public transit and drinking water systems, to name a few.  Watch their compelling 2009 video here.  Their 2013 report card is due out soon.

Climate experts say if we continue to rely on fossil fuels for much longer, we’re courting climate change disaster.  Our children and grandchildren’s future depends on the creation of green jobs.

So far, the Progressive Caucus in Congress has proposed the most far reaching jobs bill.

A public works jobs bill that includes massive green energy investments would put people back to work, improve our immediate health and safety and give future generations a chance of averting climate change on a catastrophic level.