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Tell Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
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Invest in the Common Good & Preserve the Safety Net

No Cuts, No Austerity!

Investments we’ve made in the common good and the health and welfare of Americans has paid off:

  • Social Security guarantees that our senior citizens don’t have to live in poverty.
  • Medicare ensures that seniors receive quality medical care. ¬†Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) has done the same of our nation’s youth.
  • The vast majority of Americans have benefited from public education.
  • Pell Grants, Federal Work Study funds and federally subsidized students loans have made college accessible to the children of poor and working class parents.

With tens of millions of Americas still out of work and losing their homes to foreclosure, now is the wrong time to cut spending.  Cuts to the public sector stall the economy by swelling the ranks of the unemployed and increasing demand for social safety net programs.

A combination of Wall Street greed and tax cuts for the rich created our economic crisis, and cuts to the social safety net will only punish the victims.

We must fight to preserve the social safety net and to expand investments in public education, public infrastructure and government programs that protect the public from corporate greed and promote our health and safety.