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Tell Toni Preckwinkle and the Cook County Board: Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share
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Join IIRON’s Student Network

The IIRON Student Network (ISN) trains students to understand, build, and exercise power through collective action.  We address the issues facing students today, and we partner with IIRON Education Fund, NFP, our parent organization, to address the issues facing our larger communities.  We understand that when one part of our community suffers, the we all suffer.

ISN organizes students on Chicago-area campuses. There are ISN chapters at:

ISN is currently building chapters at Loyola University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Northeastern Illinois University.  ISN is also expanding to other regions.

Do you want connect with ISN on one of these campuses or start a chapter on your campus? Click here to send us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Read our blog posts here to learn more about our issues and our members.

Find us on Facebook.  Follows us on Twitter.

Our Focus – Fighting Corporate Power, Reclaiming People Power

ISN members want to build a different future than the one we’re on track to build now.  We’re seeking a future that puts people’s needs and the common good first.  If we don’t replace corporate power with people power, our generation faces a future of widespread unemployment, profound inequality and devastating environmental degradation. Unless we revolutionize our priorities, our generation will be remain deeply indebted and continue to struggle to find meaningful, living wage work.  And if our generation hopes to avoid the worst-case scenarios of climate change, our nation must drastically reduce carbon emissions and make big investments in green energy.

Many of our members can already name the oppression they’ve experienced in a system that values corporate profits more than the lives of people. One of our leaders was educated in a closet because his public school did not have funding to accommodate his special needs, and more than one leader grew up with abusive parents who took out their economic frustrations on their children.  Despite the fact that we live in the richest country in history, a country that could provide affordable, accessible higher education to everyone, many of our members are deeply in debt.  Whatever our stories, ISN members have experienced the ill effects of concentrated corporate power in our lives.

Our Community

ISN is a leader-driven organization. We have a core team of 10 leaders in Chicago, 1-2 from each campus. Staff meets with these leaders every two weeks, and this core team creates proposals (regarding areas such as campaign decisions, expansion, and fundraising strategies) which are then brought to the broader ISN Leaders Table, a leadership of nearly 50 students who are actively building campus organizations, for consideration.